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2021 Telluride might need new engine


New Member
Knoxville, TN, USA
I had a 2020 Telluride SX for a year and loved it, so much that I upgraded to a 2021 SX Nightfall edition. Well, the engine has shut off completely now 10 times all while driving (some interstate, some stop and go). The first series of this happened right before the first oil change, was told it went into 'Limp mode" to protect the engine. No warning lights, just the car stops. Happened again and I am still 1000mi away from oil change 2, took it in and i was 4.5 quarts low on oil. No apparent leaks. The car has had a funny sound from the beginning and much more shaking when stopping at say a red light (and I know because I had the 2020 telluride). They are going to monitor my oil weekly, but likely thing I will need a new engine....
Anyone heard of this?
I am super hesitant to now have a vehicle with a new motor at 9000miles (what does that do to the value). Also I am becoming terrified to drive the vehicle because it is a matter of time before it stops and someone hits me.