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Quantum Logic Surround setting gone after latest OTA update


New Member
Our new 2024 Telluride P-SX X-Pro had a “Quantum Logic Surround” setting selectable under the Sound settings when we first drove it off the lot…we liked the sound with this setting engaged. After driving the Telluride on our first long trip, the system did an OTA software update (apparently to the latest software) and the Quantum Logic Surround setting has DISAPPEARED from the Sound settings. Dealer technicians were clueless as to why this occurred or how to get it back.

Any further knowledge/info from other Telluride owners wrt this issue would be much appreciated.
The fall 2022 navigation system update moved QLS from being a universal setting to being a per-source setting. 2023 models didn’t get this version, so they first saw it with the May 2023 update, which also came to 2024 models as well.

So rather than turning it on or off for everything in sound settings, you can turn it on or off for different sources. You do this on the now playing screen for the source you’re wanting to toggle on or off for. So now, for example, you can have it off radio, but on for Bluetooth and Sounds of Nature. Or whatever you want. Just tap the QLS button on the screen to toggle it. Note that per the release notes from the fall 2022 update, whatever setting you choose for Bluetooth audio is mirrored for CarPlay or Android Auto.