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Recent content by DereksAWD

  1. DereksAWD

    utmeep's build

    Did you use the same spacer kit that you posted before?
  2. DereksAWD

    Kia Telluride aftermarket wheel thread

    Wow that wheel color goes so well with Dark Moss
  3. DereksAWD

    Tesla Cybertruck

    What does everyone think of the new Tesla Cybertruck? Stainless steel exoskeleton body Gorilla Glass-Type windows (they broke during the test) Air suspension standard (also acts on-board air compressor) 6.5’ bed length 3,500 lbs payload Up to 14,000 lbs towing Up to 0-60 mph 2.9 seconds 35°...
  4. DereksAWD

    We bought a Sangria S AWD

    Welcome to the group
  5. DereksAWD

    Chrome delete and powder coated rims!

    Looks great @tmpatterson
  6. DereksAWD

    Android Auto Widescreen Update?

    Nadda no wide screen on SX trim either
  7. DereksAWD

    Rear Wiper Fluid

    You pull the lever back to spray the front, push the lever forward to spray the rear.
  8. DereksAWD

    Rear Wiper Fluid

    Rear spray nozzle is right there.
  9. DereksAWD

    Front sensors

    Not OEM ones.
  10. DereksAWD

    Rear Wiper Fluid

    I believe all Tellurides have rear wiper fluid. You push the lever forward to activate it. This is from the manual in case you need it.
  11. DereksAWD

    Dual Exhaust Pipes!

    I agree with you, wanted to share that there are two ways to do it.
  12. DereksAWD

    Official Dark Moss Kia Telluride Pictures Thread

    Wow I need to do this. It totally changes the look. How much did it cost to do the wraps?
  13. DereksAWD

    Dual Exhaust Pipes!

    I like the way it looks too. Spare tire needs to be removed before you can do it though.
  14. DereksAWD


  15. DereksAWD

    Kia Telluride aftermarket wheel thread

    Now that's a nice setup.