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Recent content by Eck's Telly

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    Dark Moss SX Grey Leather

    Very nice! I just hit 15k on my 2020 SX....pure pleasure.
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    Remote start on key fob?

    There are two versions of that device; one that shuts the engine off when you open the door (so you restart upon entry) and another which overrides that aspect....which did you install?
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    Remote start on key fob?

    I don’t know, but would be kool if we could! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New 2021 SX owner

    Congratulations! She, and you will love it!!
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    New telluride

    Welcome aboard! Enjoy your ride!
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    Northshore, MA

    Dan O'Brien Kia in Norwood, MA
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    CD player for Telluride

    Why not put your CD collection on a USB thumb drive and just plug it into the factory Media slot in the Telluride?
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    2020 KIA Telluride Remote Start Kit

    Which option did you end up choosing; 100% plug and play or the simple two wire with takeover? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Door Striker Covers

    I'd like a set of black for my moss Telly!
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    2020 KIA Telluride Remote Start Kit

    Sounds promising! Thanks, @bogiediver !!
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    Foldable Cargo Mat

    I purchased the ToughPro rubber mats, and the cargo area is sized for when the third row is down. To use the 3rd row seats, I just roll the mat back on itself and leave the rolled portion against the seat backs. Works like a charm given that I leave the 3rd row down more than up, but in pinch...
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    2020 KIA Telluride Remote Start Kit

    Add me to your list of interested t-ride owners looking for remote starter kit! Thanks, @bogiediver !!
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    Brand new member with a lighting question

    Chip - Good luck with your search. I found mine at Dan O'Brien Kia in Norwood. Took about 4 weeks from placing a deposit to picking up my SX Prestige...and yes, the ambient lighting along the passenger dash trim and along all four doors is standard in the SX.
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    Petition to make UVO Free

    I signed it, and sighed :confused: