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Recent content by James

  1. J

    Roof cross bars

    Harbor Freigt has a universal set that fits for $70, and they have a 3" extension. Someone else posted them installed.
  2. J

    Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride are getting a price increase

    Funny the difference 10 months makes....I managed a $500 discount from MSRP a $1000 competitive bonus, $1500 finance incentive, and Founders Club first months payment in Early April, then things got crazy! You have to think Kia was surprised at the reaction to the Telluride and figured they...
  3. J

    Catch cans

    Your an Automotive/ Engine designer/engineer who has researched the GDI Atkinson cycle engine? Or you just think that has no impact?
  4. J


    The search function is you friend.
  5. J

    No confidence in Kia Telluride for Towing

    Kudos for asking this Pre Purchase, instead of buying it then complaining about what it can't do.
  6. J

    My take on Dark Moss Green

    Very nicely done! I'm liking the newer style K emblems too
  7. J

    What does everyone think of the new Kia "KN" logo design?

    Do it like this...from the EV concept, and I like it. Anything but the funky oval we have now.
  8. J

    BORLA Exhaust for the 2020 Kia Telluride = Coming Soon!

    Seems like it would be really hard to match the look of the existing cutout, might look bad.
  9. J

    Chrome delete and powder coated rims!

    Looks so much better....not a chrome guy. Here are some blacked out emblems. https://tellurideforum.org/kia-telluride-store/product/kia-3-0-logo-aka-klexus-emblems-for-the-telluride-black-carbon/
  10. J

    WTB Crossbars

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Cross-Bar-Crossbar-Roof-Rail-Rack-fit-for-KIA-Telluride-2019-2020-Baggage/392415444836?fits=Model%3ATelluride%7CMake%3AKia&hash=item5b5dc87f64:g:oQcAAOSwH6hdc22V Have a set of these....not bad for the $$
  11. J

    Anyone else being turned off by greedy dealers?

    Legislation??? Price gouging is marking up generators and building supplies after a hurricane. 10 K over MSRP might be greed but that's capitalism. LOTS of other dealers/ car company's will be happy to get your business. The government has other more pressing issues to deal with than greedy Kia...
  12. J

    Fuel and Oil Choices

    The Telluride GDI uses the Atkinson Cycle....the intake valve remains open for the first 1/3rd of the compression stroke pushing gas back over the intake valve and into the intake. Using top tier gas should be all that's required to prevent buildup.
  13. J

    2021 Details (For those of us who are still waiting and wondering if its still worth the wait for a 2020 model)

    I guess I have a unique perspective....I traded a 2019 Ascent Premium for the Telluride. Stupid from a $$ lost standpoint yup, but The Telluride was not available when I got the Ascent so thought I'd trade if I liked the Telluride.. My observations: The Ascent looks like a Subaru, its bland and...
  14. J

    Hitch mounted spare tire carrier

    Local Phoenix startup company. Solid guys https://westcottdesigns.net/
  15. J

    Hitch mounted spare tire carrier

    Another idea