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Recent content by MPShelford

  1. MPShelford

    New Telluride A Few Problems

    I assume the rims were purchased from a reputable seller? Perhaps one of the rims is a little out of round? Was is a private sale? If so, why where they selling the rims?
  2. MPShelford

    New Telluride A Few Problems

    Lots to consider here. Did you reuse and mount and balance your existing tires on those wheels? If not, did you buy those wheels used or new with the tires? Those Pirelli Scorpion Zeros are standard on the 20s I believe.
  3. MPShelford

    Ready to pull the trigger on telluride

    +1 I went out of state to purchase mine. Drove four hours in one direction to get MSRP. Here in Upstate New York, they were going 5-8K over sticker. Some crazy dealer was selling a base LX for $48K used with 11K miles. Crazy!
  4. MPShelford

    Trolled the forums, finally joined

    Hey all! Been on this site lurking around, but never registered. Just saying hello.
  5. MPShelford

    LX, S, EX Headlight adjustment screw location

    Digging up an old thread. Tried this myself on my 22 S after installing LASFIT LEDs. After install, I was getting people flashing me left and right at night. I turned the 12mm nut and was able to lower them. Now, I think I lowered them a little too much. When I go to turn the bolt in the...