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Recent content by Mr Junk

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    Floor and Cargo Mats

    WTS - Just posted complete WeatherTech set (floor & cargo mats) for $200 plus shipping (my Telluride never came in).
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    Sold WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Mats, Williamsburg, VA: $200 plus shipping

    Dealership canceled my Telluride order (after 4 months waiting) due to lack of communication from manufacturing. I’ve given up on Kia, so I have a full set of new, never used cargo and floor mats to sell. Original cost $425; selling all for $200 plus shipping.
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    Greetings from Williamsburg VA

    SXP W/ tow, grey/grey. 3 months since leaving deposit with dealership; still no VIN or any clue of KFOS or order status. Trying to remain patient!
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    Greetings from Williamsburg VA

    "New KIA guy"...Telluride order is in! Looking forward to reading-up on posts from the Telluride owner community.