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Recent content by Pat

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    2020 Telluride Trip Odometer How do I access it?

    OK I'm old school and used to the dual trip odometers having a toggle button where the gauges are in plain sight so trying to find out how to use the trip odometer on our telle ? I've looked through the manual and tried googling and used trip odometer in the search function on this forum but...
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    Kia Telluride Issues

    We had to replace the battery within the 1st 2 months, totally dead also had a defective windshield KIA replaced, and now taking to dealer and front windshield wiper spray does not spray fluid and with the same appointment the dealer will fix the recall regarding the trailer wiring harness...
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    KIA notified me regarding a potential issue with the lamination in the windshield on our 2020 Telle and to take it to the dealer for their evaluation or could take it to safelite or similar pay for it yourself and send KIA the receipt and they would reimburse you for the replacement. With our...
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    Everlasting Silver in Southwest Atlanta?

    Just picked up our Everlasting Silver Telluride last night wow, my head is hurting thinking about learning how to take advantage of all the technology in that ride. Then I had an epiphany I gave it to my techno babe wife. We love our new Telluride. It has flecks of blue and the metallic paint...