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Recent content by TheHouseWon

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    Another New Guy

  2. TheHouseWon

    Newbie Here

  3. TheHouseWon

    2 Years of Telluride Hell

    Sorry to hear, hopefully your next car will be better
  4. TheHouseWon


  5. TheHouseWon

    Had a Gravity SX but a white came

    Both are beautiful colors and you can’t go wrong with either
  6. TheHouseWon

    Debadging my Telluride

    Those wheels turn out great
  7. TheHouseWon

    HD radio display

    That’s dependent on the station some will display the song and some just display the station name
  8. TheHouseWon

    Kia Telluride aftermarket wheel thread

    What did you do to get it to fit?
  9. TheHouseWon

    Alarm keeps going off

    Welcome there’s lots of great info on this site.
  10. TheHouseWon

    Hello from Tennessee

    Congrats, there’s no on/off button for the side pockets.
  11. TheHouseWon

    How To Kia Telluride Rebadging

    Their shipping is really fast too
  12. TheHouseWon

    How To Kia Telluride Rebadging

    Order the emblems from https://www.k5optimastore.com/
  13. TheHouseWon

    wind sound from driver side back passenger door

    Even at 80mph there are no wind noise issue on my SX.
  14. TheHouseWon

    Telluride Navi problems

    Welcome. Not sure about the nav but do you live in rural areas where you don’t receive HD radio? There’s a thread on here that explains the weather app issue.