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Recent content by Unis78!

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    Blacked out S

    How much did that cost you ?
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    FS: K Lexus emblems

    I’m thinking of going with this one in matte black
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    FS: K Lexus emblems

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    20" Rims replacement

    Any pictures yet
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    Official Dark Moss Kia Telluride Pictures Thread

    You chrome delete with wrap or plasti dip? Im in Pomona do you know of any telluride car clubs just for show. thinking of changing the emblems as well
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    What drying towel is everyone using?

    Funny, I started doing this 12 yrs ago with my window squeegee on my GS300. It’s perfect for black cars
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    I finally Purchased it!

    Hey everyone Eunice here from Pomona,CA. After almost 13 months, I purchased the suv I had my eyes on. It was late June 2019 when I first test drove the green moss SX trim. Fell in love and promised myself to be back to purchase it. Every time the local Kia dealer brought in More Tellurides...