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Alexa enabled?


New Member
I just got my 2021 SX Prestige/Nightfall! I've been having fun learning all the cool features. I feel like I'm pretty good with figuring tech-y things out. BUT I can not figure out how to get Alexa to work handsfree. My kids are usually asking me to play songs for them and I don't want to be constantly pushing buttons or holding my phone playing DJ. I have an iPhone and my music provider of choice is Amazon Music. I also prefer the look of the CarPlay screen and usually use that. The closest I have come is having Amazon Music in car mode and screen set to always on. But still have to push the Alexa button to speak a command. I have also tried asking Siri to open the Alexa app, then asking Alexa to play a song on Amazon music but as soon as the screen goes to sleep, hands free is no longer available. I feel like this car has so many technical features it seems like there would be a solution. I've searched online and can't seem to find an answer. According to Amazon vehicle page, the Telluride is Alexa enabled. Can anyone help?? Thanks!