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Dashboard electronics


New Member
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
While driving the other day every alert, blind control, lane assist etc. and every indicator light was flashing like the car was possessed. This did not impede our driving but it lasted for a good 30 min and it happened again a day later. Now, the rear camera is not working. We’re taking the vehicle in for servicing but I wanted to know if this has occurred with any other owners.
Oh my head hurts. I swear people are going to kill me.

Let me get this straight, your car showed it had a MAJOR system failure, and you just drove it for 30 minutes. Sigh. You drove around a 4,000+ projectile able to kill dozen while it was having a system failure, and you just drove it for 30 minutes. And of course it happened again, and of course you continue to drive it.


So massive system failures are rare, less then 1% of all cars produce in the USA by all brands. The VAST majority of the system failures are caused by a bad battery, which needs to be replaced. A bad battery can effect braking, steering, and safety systems. If you are car is flashing warning lights, please pull over and get roadside assistance to the nearest kia dealer.

Please do not drive a car that is having a major system failure.
High probably it is the battery. When battery is low, electronics start to behave erratically. Others have reported early battery failures. Have the dealer test the battery.
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