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Fill gap between second row captain's chairs?


New Member
We have a 2010 Highlander that has a FIXED foldable console between captain's chairs with cupholders and misc. space. It is an essential addition to the chairs and adds a certain sense of elegance. I'm surprised to learn that is not standard practice. We'll miss it when our SXP arrives!
Actually, this is incorrect.

I received mine about 10 days ago and it’s fantastic. The liner attached to the carpet with Velcro. If you order the center piece at the same time, they attach velcro strips to the inner edge of the seat back portion on both sides. The panel has a hard plastic insert and works great when the seats are up.

The only potential downside is if you recline the rear seats at significantly different angles, but I have both of mine reclined slightly, and the same amount.

The center section hides everything in the cargo area and seems sturdy enough to keep a dog in the cargo area.

Overall, I’m pleased, but I wish the canvas went up the sides in the cargo area too.
FWIW, since no one reads the classified forum….. I traded my Telluride and have this liner - complete with the piece that blocks between the second row bucket seats. It’s available along with many other accessories.


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Austin, TX, USA
How is it holding up? Can it support a weight of an adult for short rides? I am really interested in getting a gap seat filler as well, but I can't find anybody in California that will do it. Is this seat removable or is it attached to the car? I actually tried contacting your provider, but the guy said that the car needs to be there in order for him to do it. That's a bummer because this has the OEM look to it.
Sorry for the late reply. It’s holding up percent. It’s easy to just pull out and place in. It can definitely support the weight of someone.

I’m happy to take mine back to the shop so be can get the measurements he needs. Not sure why he didn’t keep the design. I guess he thought it was the only one he’d make?

I can’t get to it for a couple of weeks but I will call him and see if he’s interested in making another.