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High Beams not working on my 2020 Telluride EX


New Member
Waynesboro, VA, USA
I had to take a friend to work the other morning and realized my high beams were not working. When I made an appointment and took it into the dealership they ended up having to contact Kia to figure out what was even wrong with it my vehicle! Now that they know, the same part is defective on both sides and they can get the part for one side but the part for the other side is “back-ordered”! So who knows when I might get my vehicle back! They gave me a loaner to drive but that isn’t the point! I want my vehicle! I love my Telluride! The loaner is a new 2020 Sportage and it doesn’t get as good MPG as my 2020 Telluride gets. I don’t k ow about everyone else with a 2020 Telluride EX but I get fantastic MPG with mine! Buzzing around locally I average 25 to 27 MPG and on the road I average 33 to 36 MPG. I am more than happy considering the size motor these Tellurides have! Hope everyone is as happy with their Telluride as I am!