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For Sale Like New - For Sale, $75 (local pickup) - Folding Cargo Tray - State College, PA

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Hi everyone. I purchased a '22 SX-P AWD Telluride in November '22, which came with the OEM Kia Telluride folding cargo tray (works with all models of the Telluride).

While this was a great option to cover the back cargo floor, especially if you periodically use the 3rd row, I finally opt'd to purchase the Canadian 60/40 split cargo mat/tray since I routinely have extra kids in the car and need the additional seat or two up. Therefore, the folding OEM tray is available to anyone interested. Selling for $75 (local pickup). It is available in the local State College, PA area.

Part# S9F12 AU001
More information: https://www.kiaaccessoryguide.com/accessory/Telluride/2023/Cargo-Tray-Folding-2902

Cargo tray 2.jpg
Folding Cargo Tray.jpg

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