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Ontario, Canada here.

Bear Bait

New Member
London, ON, Canada
I've been waiting to order the Telluride for the past several months. With the release of the 2023 a couple of weeks ago, and the X-Pro option, I took the jump. I put my order in for the X-pro. Now the wait begins. Some might ask why a 70 year old female would want an X-pro. Well, I fly fish and camp through the year, as well as drive down and winter on the gulf coast of Texas, doing very much the same thing. I do use the off road capabilities of my aging, but trusty 2012 Ford Escape...and although she has a few good years left, it's the cargo size that is becoming a bit of a short fall for those longer trips. You know the video shots of the Telluride going over that rock patch and the washout ditches. Those are the kinds of roads I travel on a fair bit along with miles and miles of gulf coast beaches. After testing driving the Ford Explorer (4X4) and the Hyundai Palisade in some very rough northern Ontario back country which were both good cars, I opted for the Telluride. Features, looks and price were the deciding factors. The hardest part...is the waiting.