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Pet Barriers for 7-Passenger Telluride

Goodyear, AZ, USA
I just purchased a Telluride SX this weekend. I will likely have the third row seats folded down most of the time to have an expanded cargo area. I am looking at getting the WeatherTech Cargo Liner that goes up to the 2nd row of seats. To go along with this I am looking for a pet barrier to keep our dogs safely in the back cargo area. Since I have the captains chairs in the second row instead of a bench, when these are folded down there are gaps between them and between them and the front seats where the dogs can fall down into as the truck moves (since my dogs seem incapable of just laying down and enjoying the ride). Since my second row does not provide a nice full coverage when folded like the bench seat would, my plan was to leave them up and then put a pet barrier directly behind them. A lot of the pet barriers I’ve seen seem to have bars blocking the area above an upright bench seat, but don’t cover the gap between the captains chairs.

How many of you have captains chairs in the second row and use a pet barrier. I’m curious to see what solutions are working for you.


New Member
Omaha, NE
Jeff, did you ever find something? I am wanting same and have the same vehicle as you. I have two large dogs who I can't trust to stay in the very back (with or without the third row seat down). I saw on another question that someone had posted a photo and it had a divider in it. I inquired with him as well. Thank you!