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ShatterX - ClearPlex - ExoShield - anyone...?


New Member
Delray Beach, FL, USA
Hi, I have been browsing around the forums and unfortunately I have seen what seems to be a TON of owners talking about their brand new Tellurides getting chips and large cracks in the windshield, sometimes within a few hours of purchase.! This is rather concerning. I didn't know about this and placed an order for a 2022 last week and am wondering if anyone knows if Kia has done anything about this? Have there been any changes to the windshield glass thickness/shape/design over the years to reduce the frequency of cracking windshields.? I have seen some 2022 owners still saying the windshields cracked very soon after buying.

Now who is to say that the debris that hit any of these windshields wouldn't have cracked any other car's windshield, but it definitely is concerning. I have a 2011 Mitsu outlander sport currently that I have drove cross country 14 times now, and I do mean cross country, from South Florida to California and have only gotten one chip in the windshield( and had it fixed for free through safelite ) after having numerous encounters with road debris making very loud impacts. Many times I thought the windshield was going to completely shatter from the sound of the impact and nothing happened.! I was very surprised actually how strong that windshield is on that little car.

So to the title line of my post, Has anyone had any of the treatments above applied to their windshields and do they genuinely work.? The two film options sound like they would be legit but I have seen people say they make the windshield look constantly dirty and pit very easily and that you should basically replace it every year. I do not know how much it costs to get a ClearPlex protector installed on a telluride windshield, the website shows almost all super cars in the advertising so I hope that is not an indication of how much it costs to get that type of treatment installed professionally.! The other option I saw was called shatter X and is just a liquid application. Their website shows them launch small pebbles at the windshields that have been treated and untreated at a claimed 300mph.! And the untreated gets a large crack and the treated looks fine, which is questionable if this is even legitimate footage... Has anyone ever treated a windshield with Shatter X.? Does it actually work.? If so, it would be fantastic since it is only $35 for a kit, but I can not imagine it can work anywhere near as good as one of the film options that costs many times more. The shatter X site claims it increases the window hardness to 9H, if that is impressive or not, I do not know.

Any information on what other drivers have done to try to improve their windshields strength/longevity would be great to know. I haven't seen an abundance of posts about these films and window treatments which I find odd if the windshields are cracking that much easier than any other modern car model. Do the tellurides actually have a larger number of new cars with these cracking complaints compared to other vehicles in this class from other manufacturers.? I would love to know what the actual percentage is of telluride owners that have had these windshield problems. Maybe everyone that has had a windshield problem posts about it so it just seems like a higher than normal number compared to hundreds of thousands of owners that don't have issues, but It does seem like there is a lot of talk about windshields cracking way too soon for a car that seems so great in many other areas.!