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Towing package with hitch


New Member
North Carolina
SUCCESS !!! YAHOOOOOO. THANKS re "Dealer Letter " shared above

I printed the Kia dealer note shared here earlier about the hitch/latch/wiring package and took it to the dealer. They had not done this yet so had to research it a bit. This included checking previous pricing. The individual items are listed as backorder. They pursued the "kit" mentioned in the letter. Ordered it with not a clear date when it might arrive.
Paid $ 537.50 based upon 2022 prices for the 3 items.
Got a call in two days. The kit of 3 had arrived.
Arranged install.
I had a few things done (1st oil change at 3000 miles) and had a front license plate holder mounted as well as the kit install.
Total for install of hitch kit at 2022 labor rates AND the other two things $296.91
Backing out the other two items it appears install of hitch and latch and plug/play wiring harness was $ 150.
This included the under bumper filler so a complete OEM look.

I am pleased as I was going to have to get a vehicle for towing, borrow or rent for a couple of days, some things next week.

Time is limited on this. My total thus was $ 787.50

If I was doing all this in separate pieces from different sources it would have been around $ 425 - 450 and then install and wire in driveway without ramps and help. In this case, I am OK with parts price and paying for an install.

Do this ASAP

2024 SX Xpro
Franklin, TN
This is a how you get a dealer quote for the hitch, wiring harness, and rear latch. The latch is for the power lift gate trims of the EX trim and up. The LX and S will not have the latch. (i’m assuming) I also looked this up on my iPhone, so the layout may be different on another device.

1. Go to https://www.kiaaccessoryguide.com
2. Go to the 3 bars in the upper right hand corner.
3. Select Search.
4. Put this part number in Part# S9TOW.
5. Hit Search.
6. Scroll down and select whichever trim you have for the correct hitch.
7. Click ADD + to add it to your wish list.
8. Click get price.
9. Enter your zip to find a dealer.
10. Select you dealer. You may have to scroll through the different accessories to get back to the hitch. I don’t know why it’s not the first thing to pop up.
11. Click view accessory to see the price which includes installation.

You can then email yourself and your dealer, if you want, this price and part number. The price will include installation, but I’m assuming tax will have to be added. All three parts and labor are under $800 in my area of TN.



New Member
When I go through those steps I don't see the tow hitch package as an option, including if I switch to several different dealers near me.