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Recent content by Chasingpiper

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    Kia Telluride Issues

    I’ve had mine in a high pressure car wash, very bad rain, and about 4 inches of snow (that it sat in overnight because we were at a hotel) and we have had no leaking at all thankfully.
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    PA Dealerships

    I bought my SX from C Harper in PA, and they had a few others at the time, but they are all already sold and I don’t think they’ve gotten any more in.
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    New SX from WV

    Hi! I’m loving my new moss SX prestige with Napa black interior! Anyone else from WV??
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    Who disables Auto Start-Stop when they drive?

    I do! I don’t like that extra time it takes to get going again after sitting at a stop light.
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    Weather info not loading for anyone else?

    Mine’s not loading either! I loved it when it was working - called and was told it was an HD radio signal issue. Bummer. Still love the Telluride, though!