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Recent content by mrobertsstl

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    Wireless Android Auto update

    Thanks for the information. I was just curious how it selected which phone to pair with. Wondering if you can switch it once one of the phones has already paired. I appreciate any updates you can provide...
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    Wireless Android Auto update

    Does the Motorola device work OK with 2 phones? Can you choose which phone it pairs with when you start the car?
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    Missouri checking in

    It finally arrived! Got a surprise call from my salesperson this morning that our Telly just arrived. The prep people don't work on Saturday, so I won't be able to pick it up until Monday. Can't wait. Went by the dealer today to take a look at it. I had not yet seen the Grey/Navy interior. It...
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    2023 Color combos

    It looks like X-Line and X-Pros only come with Black, Terracota and Sage Greeen interiors
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    2022 order price not honored

    I'm not sure what your dealer told you. I ordered a 2022 from a dealer for MSRP in February. At the time I ordered, they told me that the deal is for MSRP and if I ended up getting a 2023 model, I would pay the MSRP a that time. I was told that price when I ordered was not fixed, it would be...
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    Our order was canceled by KIA.

    I don't understand about Kia "cancelling" orders. I called my salesperson on Saturday and he told me that he had already converted my order from 2022 to 2023 on Thursday or Friday. I am still #30 on their priority list. I dropped by the dealership and had him change the interior color and he...
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    Our order was canceled by KIA.

    I'm not sure what's happening at your dealer, but I was told that my order will be converted to a 2023 and we will be keeping our current place "in line" at our dealership. Waiting for them to contact me that the 2023 order book is open to update ours. Read other entries in the forums about...
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    Factory stopped!

    I was told that I am 28th on the dealer's list and that their allocation has been 6-8 Tellurides per month. The salesperson made it sound like their orders were getting picked in the prioritized order. I never asked them earlier where I was on their list. I just dropped by to ask about the...
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    Factory stopped!

    I dropped by my dealer on Saturday. I was told that 2022 production is done and I would be contacted (probably within 2 weeks) to re-enter my order as a 2023. Everyone will be keeping their same place in line in the dealership's list. I ordered mine on 2/5. I was told that I am #28 on their...
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    Ordering without ever driving one?

    One of the dealers I spoke with told me that they didn't have one to test drive, but if I ordered one and didn't like it when it was delivered, they would just sell it to the next person in line. Fortunately, I called another dealer in the area and they had a used 2020 EX that were letting...
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    Kia Telluride Non-ADM Dealers a.k.a "Nice Kia Dealers List"

    Just ordered an SX with Prestige and Tow Package from Jim Butler Kia in Chesterfield, MO. Selling at MSRP, $500 refundable deposit. They are quoting 3-6 months delivery. I did speak to another dealership in St. Louis, Lou Fusz Kia who is also taking orders at MSRP. But Jim Butler has a used...