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Car shuts down unexpectedly (lose all power and powertrain) and randomly turns on on its own

Milwaukee, WI
While at a red light after exiting the highway, the vehicle lost all power and functionality. The car was in drive, and the brake was pressed in. No buttons had been pressed to shut down the vehicle. I had no power and no ability to restart the vehicle. I placed the vehicle into park and attempted to turn on my hazard lights. Unfortunately there was no response from the vehicle, and though I was interrupting traffic, I could not provide any visual indicators to oncoming traffic. After moving the vehicle into park, I was unable to move the car into neutral.

After approximately five minutes, without the brake being pressed or any button being pressed, the vehicle turned on its own. I was able to move the car into drive and continue to function as expected. Prior to this, I had used the vehicle to drop off my kids at daycare (which required turning on the vehicle, driving and turning off the vehicle). This event occurred roughly 40 minutes after a mix of highway and city driving. The vehicle was brought to a Kia local dealership to investigate and find the root cause.

30K service and all recalls had been satisfied prior to this by an authorized Kia dealership. Estimated mileage 31,500 miles

Issue was due to a loose connection on the battery terminal