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How to: Replace licence plate LED

Hey guys
I'd like to start by stating I am not a pro or a mechanic... but I have done this previously on my other cars with success...

I'm not sure how to place the pictures into with the step by step how to. So I'll post the pics in formation.

You'll need:

-philips head screwdriver
-paper clip or small hook
-W5W LED bulbs 2 of them

First start by unscrewing the black screws out.
I would do each side separately as a posed to both at the same time.

Once you've unscrewed the screw using your hook/ paper clip you want to lightly pull down that end of the light unit.

Once half way down pull slightly to the right (if starting on the left light) (pull left if working on the right side light) as to release the tab.

You should have at this point the light unit dangling from its socket.

Using a counter clockwise motion twist and release the black socket from the light housing. Exposing the OEM bulb.

Using your fingers pull the bulb out like a tooth! Replace with your new led.

I like to press the unlock button on my FOB at this point to make sure I've placed the bulb correctly. You should see it light up.

Reverse the steps to close it up and repeat on the other side.
Sorry for the long instructions never done this before. And sorry if the terms I used were not correct....

On to the pics!!

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Which brand LED bulb did you get?
Woodstock, IL, USA
Ya'd think they could have put another inch of wire on those so people with normal sized hands could work with 'em... geez....