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International Smart Key

Fishkill, NY, USA
UAE Smart Key

anyone thought about pulling the trigger on one of these to see if we can bypass installing additional equipment to have OEM remote start?
Well not sure if it works?? But if all we had to do is buy one of these remotes.. it would have saved me $325 I just sent on a remote starter for my brand $48,000 new vehicle which doesn't come with a friggen remote start key fob? How ridiculous is this?? SMDH. Ehh... for 2 of these fobs probably cost the same as what i spent on the remote starter anyway...


New Member
Tulsa, OK, USA
@TxAgTelluride2016 the receiver has to be in the car for the fob to talk to it. Some of the capability is there as the app is able to start the vehicle remotely, so somehow the ignition is tied to the modem. But is their a radio receiver on the ignition that's on the same frequency as the fob?

The UAE models also support remote window control per @Paul Aggarao. But I'm not sure if that is just like a vent function on our old Lexus, where if you held down the lock/unlock button it would vent the windows.

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