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Kia Telluride named “SUV OF TEXAS” by The Texas Auto Writers Association

Chicago, IL, USA
The Kia Telluride went even bigger and bolder at the 2019 Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) Truck Rodeo, taking home the overall category-winning title of “SUV of Texas”. In addition to the top honor, Telluride was also named the “Mid-Size SUV of Texas.”

The annual competition sees more than 60 TAWA automotive journalist members from across the U.S. converge for a two-day evaluation of the industry’s best trucks, SUVs and CUVs. These impressive wins are a follow up to Telluride being named the “SUV of Texas” and “Mid-Size SUV” category winner at TAWA’s Auto Roundup event in April 2019. Results for both events are based on assessments of the TAWA journalist members who attended the events and evaluated participating vehicles across a wide variety of criteria.

“Taking the two top prizes at the TAWA Truck Rodeo is further evidence that Kia ’gave it everything’ when it comes to Telluride,” said Michael Cole, president, Kia Motors America. “Texans love their SUVs and the TAWA members are a discerning group, especially when it comes to utility vehicles. Taking the ‘SUV of Texas’ prize is a true honor for the Kia brand.”

After driving each vehicle on predetermined off-road and street courses, TAWA members voted on the top vehicles in a variety of categories. Journalists were encouraged to drive the vehicles as they would if they were simulating their own day-to-day driving conditions.

More information on the 2019 TAWA Auto Round-Up, including the full list of participating vehicles, can be found at www.texasautowriters.org.