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Locked out


New Member
Today we used our app to lock our tellie leaving it running so our dog would stay nice and cool while we ran inside Cracker Barrel. I’ve used this app a dozen times + with no issues. When we got back the app wouldn’t open. I tried over and over but nothing. We even tried going online and opening the app that way but nothing. I called the customer service for the app to find out if they could open it. They were extremely nice but were also unable to send an unlock. The 2nd person I talked to said there was a log in issue going on. (Their system was down at least from 10:55 am to at least 2:30 pm. )We then called Kia roadside which stated it would take 45-75 min to get to us. I’ll admit I started to panic. In less than 30 min our gas range went from 36 to 32 and it seemed to dwindle faster the longer we sat. When locked you can’t open the gas door. We finally decided to call 911, told them what we had and they sent the fire department. It only took a few minutes which was relieving. So. Lesson learned. If you use your app to run in a store and leave your keys in the car make sure you have plenty of gas. And frankly don’t depend 100% on their app. On a side note, my 2022 tellie ran for close to 2 hours while sitting idle. I have new scratches from the fire department trying to get the door open but getting my dog out was worth every scratch. Thank you Manasas, VA fire department. No call back or email from Kia. I couldn’t imagine the stress Kia cause parents today, it definitely had this fur parent ready to bust a window.