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RES - Rear Entertainment System


New Member
Fresno, CA
My 2022 EX-P should be here soon and is coming with the RES. The car was already ordered by the dealer and has everything else that I want on the car (Premium Package, Tow Package, Carpeted Floor Mats, and Wheel Locks) plus a couple extras (RES and the Interior Lighting).

We are an Apple family, so disappointed the RES is not set up to work with Apple products. Anyone use a Lightning to HDMI adapter with their RES?

I have an old Firestick that I could use with it. Does anyone having experience using a Firestick have any tips or suggestions?

I've bought a little DVD player to try with the system. I've also got a nice 2TB USB flash drive that I'm thinking of trying to load DVD movies onto. Any suggestions/tips for these?

And any other tips or ideas for using the RES would be greatly appreciated.
Hoover Alabama
Hi Stevepup,
I know this is an old post but I am new the forum. I just got the 2024 SXP Carnival with RES. My experience has not been great. I too am an Apple guy. Forgive if the things I mention are already known by you.
1. Use of the USB for a thumb-drive requires a Windows formatted USB drive. Which I could only format as FAT32, which limits the size of mp4's that can be copied to the drive at 4GB.
2. I have not been able to get the Kia RES Remote app (downloaded from App Store) to connect to the system.
3. The MP4's do play without issue but there's no way to remotely control the screen.

I plan on a visit to the dealership to try and learn the secret sauce of getting the RES App to connect. Will update -