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Towing confusion/Kayak transport


New Member
We just purchased a 2023 Telluride EX 3 days ago, I’m in love and thought I did all the research… but now I’m seeing a lot of info about towing that has me concerned. I’m an avid kayaker, and my husband told me I’m not allowed to shove my dirty kayak in the back of the Telluride like I did in our 10yo sorento… fair enough. I don’t love the idea of a roof transport (hard to load, lots of potential for scratching). So we plan on trailering them. Am I understanding it correctly that hitches aren’t currently available and if I go the aftermarket route it voids the warranty? What are others doing to transport kayaks. We have 2 basic 11 footers, not huge fishing kayaks or anything. Thx!