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Recent content by hdjoe88

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    Splash Guards

    Very confusing. I've seen them listed as front only and then when you check if it will "fit your model" it says no. I guess a trip to the parts counter at my dealer is needed.
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    Splash Guards

    Are there OEM splash guards for the 2023 SX-P X -Pro? Thanks
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    Auto wiper

    Has anyone had their windshield wiper swipe after starting up on a perfectly clear, dry day?
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    Exhaust Upgrade

    Bought it off the K&N website about 2 months ago. Shopped around and couldn't find it anywhere or for other than MSRP. I never know how to judge an increase in HP. It does get up and go though.
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    Exhaust Upgrade

    I wouldn't describe it as a rumble.;) It's definetly louder. At hightway speed its not noticeable inside the cabin. I also added the K&N intake. Just did a trip to Florida and back from NJ. Over 2500 miles. A little over 29 MPG going south highway and a little over 30 MPG coming back. A little...
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    Exhaust Upgrade

    Installed my Borla today. Couldn't stand the fact that I couldn't tell it was running with the stock exhaust. Easy install. Had a friend help just for a second pair of hands.
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    BORLA Exhaust for the 2020 Kia Telluride = Coming Soon!

    Installed the Borla on my 2021. Like the sound.
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    2021 Kia Telluride SX Nightfall

    Congratulations. Love my Black Copper.
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    Telluride versus Chevy Traverse

    I have a leased 2018 Traverse that I really liked until I saw my first Telluride. I've had my N/F SXP Black Copper for a few weeks and love it. No comparison.
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    Is the sunlight they are a "darker chrome" which matches the trim around the windows. They are not the same black as the wheels. My bad.
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    Picked up my 2021 Black Copper, NF 2 weeks ago. It did not come with the black lug nuts. Anyone else have theirs come through that way?