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Recent content by Kirkie

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    Issues with the driver's seat electronic controls/memory sets

    Hi ur car is still under warranty right. If so they have to fix it
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    Anyone pls post the 2022 front grille

    That my 2022 Canadian sx
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    Issues with the driver's seat electronic controls/memory sets

    Hi did you get ur seat fixed. I have a 2022 Telluride and I noticed my driver's seat is busted at the back. They trying to tell me someone kick it. The only person sit behind me is my 6 Year old daughter. Now if she kick that and broke it something is very wrong. Personally I think it was a...
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    Hi did you get the vibration issue fixed. What was the problem if u did ??
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    Kia Telluride Issues

    I wish I could say that about mine it's vibrating anything over 110 km I don't like that at all.
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    2020 Telluride Remote Start

    What about EVO 1
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    2020 SX V6 Canadian model.

    It's two years now and I am still having vibration issue with my Telluride. I haven't been going on the highway since this covid BS. Wen I do I am not enjoying this vehicle. I have to keep it at around 100 km anything over and vibration like and driving a old rust bucket..
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    Why is when you buy a new car the next year they put all the features you want on that model. I would have like to have my remote start on the key fob.The other thing is that surround view camera picture taking. That would have been nice to have as well in UVO link. What's up with that we pay...
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    I have been having the same problem with my sx awd. Once I get up too a 100 km it vibrates like hell. I have changed my rims because that's what the dealership told me. It's was good the first time I take it on the highway after that. The second time we'll the problem is back . So it wasn't the...
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    Catch cans

    Do you have a Costco by you. They sell top tier gas.
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    Telluride vs Palisade

    Has I read all the comments I am getting jealous because. I don't get too enjoyed my Telluride. I have been waiting now for over a few months to get this clunk sound figured out. They order the rear shocks and those can't seems to show up yet. I started having that sound around 7or 8 thousand km...
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    Will the Telluride benefit from an Upper Strut Bar?

    They have a strut bar for the .. Palisade I wonder if that would fit the Telluride.