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Recent content by Papa Bear

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    What's a good paint sealant?

    Duragloss 111 will give you a glossy finish that will last a few months. Collinite 845 is a wax/sealant combo that will last up to six months depending on weather conditions and how often you wash.
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    LED headlight light bulbs for 2022 S that don't need to have the desiccant pack removed.?

    That’s going to be normal for ANY led headlight bulb you swap in. It’s because the leds are instant on and off. You don’t see the flicker with the halogens because they dim more slowly. After a while you get used to it.
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    LED headlight light bulbs for 2022 S that don't need to have the desiccant pack removed.?

    I believe the hyper flash issue with Lasfit was with some of their turn/rear signal bulbs.
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    LED headlight modification

    I have sealight LED bulbs in my 2022 EX trim with no issues.
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    LED headlight light bulbs for 2022 S that don't need to have the desiccant pack removed.?

    Make sure you check the headlight beam pattern height afterwards and adjust accordingly.
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    Rear Bumper Guards

    Happy New Year! I'm looking to install a rear bumper guard and wonder if anyone has had success with any models that don't block the rear sensors. The black single bar is not shown on a Telluride but I actually think it’ll work better due how the sensors are placed in the rear bumper. Any...
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    Paint Fading on all Plastic Panels!

    Yes, I can see what you mean in the pictures. I agree, it can only get worse as time goes on. I would definitely bring it in ASAP and have the dealer make a warranty claim. I believe panels will have to be repainted. There is a specific paint warranty for the first 36 months/36,000 miles...
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    Battery Light

    Welcome! Please keep us posted on the electrical issues. Many owners have regretted getting the rear entertainment system. Its old technology and way overpriced. I would get a refund from the dealer and look into getting your own pair of ipads or android tablets instead. If you mean the $450...
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    Starting/Stalling Issues

    I know you replaced the battery but it sure looks like that's at least part of the problem. Bad batteries have been a common problem. I suggest you make them have the battery load tested and the charging system thoroughly tested. How often do you drive the car?
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    LED headlight light bulbs for 2022 S that don't need to have the desiccant pack removed.?

    Welcome to the forum! There is a lot on the forum about LED bulbs and various recommendations. Many of the newer LED bulbs are more compact and don't require you remove the packet. Keep in mind that a few 2022 owners have reported that the LASFIT bulbs no longer fit the bulb connectors on the...
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    Heated seat not working

    I know you said they checked the harness but I've seen here that the cause is often a loose (unclipped) connector clearly visible under the seat. Good luck and be sure to let us know how its resolved.
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    MSRP Dealers in the Philly, south Jersey, DE area

    Bergey's Kia - Ask for Tony Murray Kia
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    Extended Warranty Recommendations

    You can buy the warranty from any dealer nationwide. Many have had great reviews of: https://www.kiaofmuncie.com/ Craig Sutherland Finance Manager 765-587-5421 csutherland@kiaofmuncie.com You'll save about a $1,000.00. You can read all about in the last few pages of this thread on another...
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    Anyone else bought an S trim and regret not getting the power liftgate?

    Both the EX and SX have the power liftgate. I have an S model and thought I would not be able to live without it, as I previously had a minivan for 12 years with that feature. Surprisingly, I don't miss it much at all. I would not make it a dealbreaker.
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    Window issue

    Lower a window on the other side to equalize pressure and then roll them up. It seems to be a bad design flaw, I don't think there is permanent fix. There is also a window calibration sequence in the driver's manual to reset them.