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2022 Telluride with Reoccurring Coolant Leak

East Coast
this is on a 2022 S AWD
currently 6400 miles

Dealer is aware of the issue but have been unable to reproduce.

Granted, mostly they pressure test the system but that is with engine off.

They have done several test drives as well but cannot get it to leak.
(typical customer luck)

This apparently happens only under certain conditions or load and unfortunately cant spot it when its ‘wet’ so no way to tell yet where its coming from.

The radiator fan spinning doesnt help either since it could be pushing the coolant in other directions.

Dealer has changed one hose clamp and adjusted the hose fittings and clamps in hopes it might be a slight fitment issue.
Even compared clamp locations to another 2022.

KIA wont pay to replace any parts and basically said send me on my way if the shop can’t reproduce.

Already in for a more severe leak at lower hose at 1500 miles.
Improper clamp location, good news is that seems to have been repaired correctly.

Now this upper area, smaller leak, already in 2x for and just got back last week after being at the dealership 12 days.

1 week later and here it is again.

Service Mgr has been great and said he was contacting Tech line today about it after I sent him the pics.

I have updated my file with KIA Customer Care with the newest images and comments.

any coolant gurus out there?

anyone else with coolant issues?

any suggestions would be appreciated