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Bad experience ordering a part online


New Member
Maple Grove, MN, USA
I damaged the plastic piece under my lift gate window but the cost to have it repaired was less than my deductible. I figured I could do it myself and found KiaParts.com. I looked up 'lift gate trim' and found a picture of the part:
View attachment 20480
I ordered it and didn't hear anything for a month, so I called. The website parts guy immediately found a part that had come in for me but said it wasn't what I described. He also said the part I wanted is not available so I asked him if this 'pad' he had looked like it would help me install the part if I could find one at a recycler. He said yes. I got the part and it was a dime-sized gasket that clearly will not help me with installing the actual part. The handling fee was $5 and shipping was $10. It could have been sent in a letter size envelope with a lifetime stamp. I contacted them again, re-explained the problems, and asked if the fees could be reversed and they said no. This problem began with them and continued with them - they were not even willing to make this minor adjustment. So I am helping them out by sharing my experience so they can avoid repeating this poorly run 'service'.

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