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Buy Wired Mouse


New Member
Chicago, IL, USA
Our History
Banda technology company was founded in 2011, has 7 years experience in production and sales,banda has two companies, sales window is located in the world of consumer electronics capital China Zencheng.
Our Factory
Founded in 2011, Banda Technology Company (Banda) has 7 years of experience in production and marketing, and Banda owns two companies. One is the sales window located in "Huaqiang North Commercial Area", Shenzhen, a world consumer electronics capital, and the company name is Shenzhen Banda Technology Co., Ltd. The other is the factory located in "Zengcheng, Guangzhou", a trade capital in China, and the company name is Guangzhou Banda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The factory covers an area of 3,000 square meters, based on the factory, Banda mainly manufactures mouse, integrating sales, trade, service and after-sale services.Banda has 100 sets of mouse molds, providing the best quality products for all countries in the world, and its annual output is 3 million units. With a rapid-response R&D team, the company provides products of various properties and advantages in a shorter time period, according to client's requirements; the products are satisfactory to product standards of different countries; with efficient mode and management platform, it ensures the product quality and quick delivery.Banda's service tenet is "comprehensive innovation, exceeding client expectations and hope": with high reliability, high quality, high efficiency, innovative price, complete after-sale service, it has clients' trust and recognition.
Our Product
Mouse, kyeboard, earphone, spesker TWS headset.
Product Application
Computer accessories
Our Certificate
CE ROHS GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
Production Equipment
Special type insert machine, wave soldering machine, high pressure wave machine.
Production Market
The annual sales in southeast Asia are 50 million yuan, The Middle East market has annual sales of 35 million yuan, The annual sales in European and American markets are 30 million yuan.
Our Service
Sales will be via email before, send new product WeChat and other social media, normal product marketing, sales, will confirm all details with the client, the product is no problem, will produce big goods, service, warranty is one year, to found the problem, timely communication, confirm the product has a problem, our factory will according to the product problems, to make relative measures.Buy Wired Mouse