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Overhead console wiring pinout (Dashcam install)

Swansea, MA, USA
Hello all!

I have a 21 Telluride that's a lease vehicle. Like most of you, I absolutely hate dangling wires and permanently occupied 12v cigarette lighter ports. However, because it's a lease, I am trying to minimize the modifications. In fact, I'm even using quick connectors that unplug, so that when I return the vehicle someday, I can simply drop the overhead console and unplug it, and there's zero visible damage.

Just as a disclaimer, I started out my college life as an EET. A few semesters later, I fell in love with programming and switched over. So I'm absolutely not a qualified EET, but I certainly know enough (and have all the right tools) for a job like this. The camera I bought is extremely low current, so I'm not too worried about adding a voltage drop to the console or blowing a fuse.

But I did figure out there's a nice little gap at the headliner where it starts to run into the console. It's big enough to run a wire in without deforming or damaging the headliner. I figured it would be great if I could just pull my engine-on-only 12v right from that console. I'm thinking the roof control would probably be my best bet. It would be least affected by the tiny power draw of the camera, and it only has power when the vehicle is on, which is exactly what I need. However, I am absolutely open to tips/advice/recommendations from those of you that may have done the same thing I'm trying to do.

What I'm really looking for is a pinout of that wiring harness. Dropping the console is very easy, and it seems to be 1 harness that has about 3 or 4 branches coming off it. I could get in there with a multimeter and find the power source, but I figured I'd ask here first just in case someone already has the pinout or wiring diagrams handy (and I'd really appreciate that).

This camera does not have a rear camera module, nor a GPS module. It's very basic and straight forward. All I'm looking for as 12v engine-on power, and a good place to call ground. If anyone has anything to add, thank you in advance!

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