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Rear collision avoidance?


New Member
Collingswood, NJ, USA
I know the Telluride has rear cross-traffic alert and intervention that kicks in when you're in reverse gear, and a car or pedestrian approaches the car from the side (5-123 in the manual shows the radar pattern). But what I'm not completely sure of is whether it will automatically brake if you're in reverse, and about to collide with an object that is directly behind you. I know you'll get the collision warning sound, but not sure if it will actually brake. That specific feature on my last SUV saved my bacon when the car behind me was so low to the ground that I didn't see it in my rear-view mirror. All I saw was a long empty road, so I didn't even glance at the back-up camera-- just put it in reverse and hit the gas. My car IMMEDIATELY braked avoiding a collision, and that's when I saw the low-rider car in the back-up camera. Lesson learned...but I'd still like to know if it's in the Telluride... Thanks!
Yes I’ve had it warn me and the actually stop the car while reversing when I was backing up into something. Also doing super heavy rain it did it lol