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Tellurides @MSRP in Georgia?

Atlanta, GA, USA
Hi all! Been perusing this forum after buying a Telluride EX-P literally one week ago off a showroom floor…total coincidence and was quite crazy! As much as I LOVE my Telly, I’ve been having long conversations about buyers remorse….literally love it so much Im considering ordering one fully loaded and waiting the 8-10 months and selling this one. Call it a mid-life crisis IDK and I’m not usually this crazy but I’m really feeling like since I’ll drive the wheels off of it I might as well take advantage of the only time in history I might be able to not lose out too badly IF I can find a good dealer. I felt like I have good report where I bought mine and they are putting together a quote for me, but I’d like to get multiple quotes to see who will come closest to MSRP. For those who’ve bought out of state….was the shipping cost outrageous? Thanks so much!!!