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Help! - Instrument Cluster Warning Lights 2024


New Member
New Telluride owner here. 2024 EX X-Line. Less than 50 miles on the vehicle, so I know this complaint will sound strange. We had the vehicle delivered b/c we're not near a Kia dealership. After driving the vehicle only a couple of times my wife left some electronics on/doors ajar, and the battery ran dead. On recharge of the battery using a Noco Genius 10 charger the instrument cluster now has a list of warning lights present. The vehicle otherwise runs well and has no known actual issues. I could of course drive the vehicle to a dealership however there aren't any nearby. Does anyone have any idea if these errors would have been tripped by the battery going dead, or if there might be another malfunction somewhere causing all these errors? Is there any way to clear the errors remotely? Would driving the vehicle a set distance clear the errors? Any OBD2 scanning device that works well for the newer Tellurides that might clear these codes? Thanks

Cluster Warnings:
"Check Inattentive Driving Warning System"
"Check High Beam Assist System"
"Check Speed Limit System"
"Check Lane Safety System"
"Check Rear Cross-Traffic Safety System"
"Check Forward Safety System"
"Check Blind-Spot Safety System"


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