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HELP: My 2020 Telly Burning Oil DRY

Chicago, IL, USA
Hey All ~

I've had my Telly since 2019, everything has been fine until about 60K miles. Then everything turned. All of a sudden I started getting check engine lights, rough ride shaking at the stop light, clinking and clanking on the timing belt etc. I brought it to the dealer and they charged me 1000$ to clean the fuel injectors, knowing that the issue was NO OIL being present at all, bone dry. I didn't check it, wasn't even on my radar so they got me and I'm still pissed. Anyway... I went on my PO'd way and was back again to the dealer with the same issue 3k miles later. They changed my oil and poof it was fixed again, but wanted to start an oil consumption test. I've been back 7x to the dealer, they keep telling me that the oil consumption meets spec.. burning in 1000miles 1qt. and that I am leaking oil every time which is lies.

Im at 71000 miles now, I can't go 3k miles without going BONE DRY on oil NO ONE will help me fix this. Any ideas on what I can do??

Thanks all.
New Jersey
This is why you need to check your oil every week or other week. It is just good practice. Same as checking your tire psi.

how long do you go in between oil changes and what oil are you using?
We just took our 2020 Telluride SX in for an engine rattle (~97,500 miles currently) - we are 5,000 over our regular oil change (first time we have let this go like this since buying it new). There was 1.5 quarts of oil left. They are saying there is "glitter" in the oil, and we need a new engine. No oil warning light, no oil pressure light or indicator, nothing to tell us we were running low on oil, burning oil or whatever caused the low oil level. They are stating owner neglect! Seriously?!?!

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