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How long did you wait for your Telluride order?


New Member
Langley, BC, Canada
We ordered ours on 02/03/2020. We ordered the SXP AWD Gravity Grey-Black interior. We were then told that we would be getting 2021 because of COVID. In the meantime, we requested to add the Nightfall edition to the car, since my wife loves all the blackout features. Was just told on Monday 7/272020, that they were able to place the order. He said on average after placing order VIN is anywhere from 4-8 weeks and pick-up is also anywhere from 4-8 weeks. We were told since we ordered the Nightfall edition specifically, he was able to place our order before some others because he had slots open for that edition. I am not sure what that means, but I know she will be happy when it comes.


New Member
Davenport, IA, USA
If you factory ordered, how long did you have to wait for yours to arrive?

What date did you order?
What date did it arrive?
Which trim level did you get?

I just ordered ours on July 3rd (SX w/o Prestige). Dealership said it will be 3-4 months.

Curious to hear everyone's experience given high demand/low supply + Coronavirus shutdowns.
2021 SX w/o Prestige Pkg. Found online on 9/4 (90mi away), Deposit on 9/8, Closed deal and drove home on 9 on 9/10

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