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Safety Electrical Issues with Kia Telluride


New Member
Odenton, MD, USA
We have been having this very unsafe issue with our car for the last 3 months and dealership can’t find what it is and corporate hasn’t been much help either.
While driving I get a beep and all the lights and warnings on the dashboard comes up. It keeps blinking the warning Check Forward Collision Avoidance Check System, the shift light won’t change, the speedometer won’t read the speed, the level of gas changes from 230 to 0 then back up to 50 and it keeps changing very fast. The signal light won’t work, the steering wheel gets very stiff to the point you cant safely park or pull out from a parking lot.
This is very unpredictable because it can happen while driving or when you turn the car on. It can last for seconds, few minutes, 5 mins, 10 mins, or 30.
We took to the dealer at least 5 times and they can’t figure it out. They keep saying they need the car while this is happening but it’s impossible to get the car to them while this is going on, so they tell us to bring it back when it happens. We were lucky to Make it there one time with the issue happening (dealer is 30 mins from our house) and again they couldn’t figure it out. Told us to bring it back the next day and they had our car for a whole week for the second time and still nothing. We spoke with this customer service lady and she was a joke of an employee.
She keeps saying the car was fixed and couldn’t do anything else for us. I said a thousand times the car is not safe and it is not fixed and she keeps insisting that it is because the lights is not on and I kept telling her that just because the light is not in doesn’t mean it’s fixed because it comes and go. She said there is nothing else they can do for me and was going to close my case as resolved. I insist to speak with her boss or someone above her and she kept saying there is no one else because she is the escalated case regional analyst. I am sure she has a boss and there are other departments when issues with the car can’t be fixed.
Anybody ever dealt with this issue with the Telluride or any other issues that needed to be escalated about this department?
I am at loss for words with the customer service. This can’t just be the end of it... a car with a pattern of the same issue that has happened at least 15 times and had us do about 5 trips to the dealership for them to just say “sorry but we can’t do anything for you right now, bring it back when it happens again.” All if that while they know we can’t make it to the dealership with the car like this.
I have to drive my kids in this unsafe car.



Staff Member
I would contact corporate and if they don't do anything, then it's a lawyer and get it taken back with the lemon law
That sounds horrible, but no one can help you unless they see it for themselves. The second best thing you can do is to take a video of it with your phone. The dealer and Kia need proof and they need to be able to diagnose the problem. They can't just use your description of such an unusual problem.

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