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Update Kia Telluride Infotainment System / Navigation System.


New Member
United Arab Emirates
Hello people - thought of sharing this so that some may find it useful:- (FYI - I have Kia telluride year 2020 model, top of the range, GCC Specs, bought in Dubai)

In order to proceed with the update, you can follow the below mentioned steps:-

1) Visit the website of kia: https://update.kia.com/US/EN/navigationUpdate
2) Select the applicable region mentioned on top of the webpage.
3) Thoroughly review the website information
4) Download the navigation updater on your PC.
5) Open the application in your PC and follow the instructions.
6) Select your car model from the dropdown menu and follow the instructions
7) Once the update file in downloaded you will be required to copy it in a USB.
8) Start your car and and do not switch off until the update gets over.
9) Plug the USB in your car. Either it will autoplay or you will need to navigate into the car system settings and press the update button. (Mine was autoplay)
10) Update will begin and will take approx 30 mins to complete.
11) Once the update is completed proceed with the instructions and modify the system settings as per your preference.

Issues which i came across after updating the system:-
1) The car date and time function was not working. and i was not able to access the setting of the same. But dont worry, once the car starts moving the GPS get activated and the date and time function synchronizes with the time zone automatically.
2) The maps data / saved locations which i had stored in my previous software version, got stored in the guest profile of the new version. In order to get it in my personal profile i had to export the data from the guest profile and into the usb. Then access my personal profile and import the data.

I still have not completely gone through the system. And in case if there is any issues, i will mention it here.

Good Luck!.