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2023 EX Outside Right/Left Electronic Folding Rearview Mirrors

Fort Worth, TX
If you have outside rearview electronic folding mirrors, and you use car washes where individuals typically manually fold the mirrors in/out to send it through the wash - make sure the folks DON'T MANUALLY FOLD THE MIRRORS IN/OUT! Took the above vehicle in for a wash to get all the road grim (salt/chemicals from past Texas winter storm..) from a wintery road trip. I personally folded the outside mirrors in electronically prior to sending it through the wash, not thinking anymore of it. The vehicle was cleaned/detailed and I was called out to pick up the car; prior to driving off - I noticed the mirrors needed adjusting just a bit. Not thinking any more of it, electronically adjusted the mirrors to my liking and drove off.

Once getting to where I was going, I noticed the mirrors didn't fold in as designed when locking the vehicle (wondering, bewildering thoughts why the mirrors didn't fold in when locking the vehicle). Went to my next location, parked and locked the vehicle (same bewildering thoughts as to why the mirrors weren't folding in. As my wife and I were talking over dinner - the light bulb goes off!! The car wash personnel manually folded the mirrors outward upon coming out of the car wash. After finishing dinner, I went out and manually folded the mirrors in after noticing the mirrors were not operating properly. Thank goodness the mirrors are again operating properly but Electronic Folding Rearview Mirror owners beware! There's a caution in the Telluride manual that warns against manually folding the mirrors in/out as damage to the folding mirror motor may result!