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United Arab Emirates
I have just sent a second notice to KIA concerning a continuing problem I am having with the rear climate controls on my Telluride. KIA was suppose to respond to me within 48 hours, and that was over a week ago. I was hoping someone on this KIA forum might be able to direct me to a better way to get their (KIA's) attention. I've had it to the dealer already for an attempted repair, but they struck out, because they think it's a vehicle software problem, and a software patch hasn't been issued yet. I'm posting this here, just to give all of my fellow Telluride owners a heads up on some possible future problems with the electrical/software systems in this new vehicle. The email I sent, and the attached photo of the affected area are listed below.

"I bought this vehicle on 03/12/2019. The rear climate control refuses to stay turned off. I used all the correct steps listed in the vehicle manual to turn off (disable) the rear climate control button. I did this in conjunction with using all of the assigned controls on the front panel on the dash, the front monitor (plus I activated the "Locked Control" button on this monitor) and the rear climate control panel that's located in the ceiling over the second row captains chairs. When it activates on its own, it always ends up at fan speed 2 (of 6) and in the "Face-Level" mode. It never varies from these settings. My problem is the rear climate control will not stayed turned off. It deactivates (turns off) for intermittent periods of time, and then mysteriously turns on again at the settings I listed above. Also please note that there's no explanation anywhere in the vehicle manual what the function of the locked control button is. I'm left to assume what it does, but it most certainly doesn't keep the rear climate control off when it's activated. I don't want it running unless I actually need it, as it's more than a little annoying to hear the constant fan noise, and is a needless draw on the vehicle's electrical system. I'm at a loss how to keep it turned off, and would appreciate any advice, or repair you could make so that it works as it was designed to.

Attached is a photo of the Rear Climate Control settings it continually resets to, after both the front and rear panels are turned off. How can this be happening, as I certainly don't want it running in the rear of the Telluride at all times. Also, what is the "Lock Control" button for? There's is no explanation anywhere in the vehicle manual. Joe"

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Hi Joe this has happened to me once but after disconnecting the car battery for 15 min it disappered and never again as it clears the memory for the BMC

just give it a try and see if it will work you as well
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