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Dash Board LCD proble with Kia Telluride 2022


New Member
Chicago, IL, USA
I picked up my new Kia Telluride this week. The same day I notice that night that after starting the car my LCD light was black. I read in the manual that it can happen sometimes and the the only thing you can do is turn the car off and it will reset it self. I have continued to have the same problem every day. I took the car to the dealer ship were I purchased it from. They gave me a spill about the display light not being all the way up. I left the dealer ship and a few hours later the same thing happen the after starting the car the LCD screen went black. I turned the car off for a few minutes and the LCD came back up. I am very uncomfortable with this function problem. I am wondering if it will lead to further electrical issues down the line with the car. I never had this problem with the Kia Sorento I owned. I really like the Telluride for its driving performance. However I am very skeptical with this LCD issue on the vehicle. I will be talking the car back to the dealer to see if there is a issue with the a fuse. I am very uncomfortable driving a car that is new and having this sort of defect with the LCD.

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