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Electrical Issues


New Member
Hey guys. Just bought a new 2020 Telluride on June 30th. A week later it was DEAD. "Battery discharging due to external devices". Service has had my vehicle for over 2 weeks. Kept changing the "issue" from a fuse in the lights pulling power, to the bright lights, then the IPM, and now the harness. But they got The World Car Award so there's that... Has anyone asked to be compensated for the trouble? Perhaps have them make the first payment? I've been seeing too many of these complaints from various forums.
Also, I've seen some people complain about it "kicking" or "braking" when slowing down at approx 35mph. This happend to my Optima SXL Turbo. Have them reset the Adaptive Learning Transmission. It worked for me.

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