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Engine lifespan

I use Top Tier gas only should I go back to 87 with e10 or mid grade 89 with e5 or 91 with 0 ethanol. Dealer recommend 6,000 Km oil change as opposed to 12,000 Km according to the owners manual.
Spoke to my dealership mechanic today. The reason for the severe use maintenance service is due to my use and location's type of weather. They use Castrol Edge full Synthetic oil between every 6,000 to 8,000 Km and at every 32,000Km they do an Upper Cylinder pressure clean with the engine running for an extra $150.00 which takes about 3/4 to 1 hr. I did some research and found this maintenance would keep the engine running at optimal efficiency and longevity. This would take care of the inevitable carbon build up on the intake valves therefore eliminate potential problems or possible engine damage due this carbon buildup . This problem is with ALL Direct Injection engines. So you pay now or pay a lot more later!!!