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Texas Telluride Owners


New Member
Dallas, TX, USA
Hi Everyone, I posted this on the Facebook account as well, they suggested I post it here as well. Kia has a marketing event in Dallas, TX from June 13th - June 20th. We are looking for a Telluride SX with Black leather interior, SXP with black nappa leather is great too. No miles will be used, the Telluride will be inside of a building and used for reference, so nothing will be taken apart or modified. We would pay $1000 for the duration. I will be flying out, so I will be there in person. The owner is welcome to check in on the car at anytime. Thank you for your time! Rick 310-863-4875 rick.suchit@gmail.com
- This marketing event is a closed group, from 5-6 people, so the public will not be in your car!-

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