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Rear climate control not turning off

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Hi all,

i am new to this group, i bought my 2022 KIA Telluride SX 2 month ago and now facing some issues with rear climate control. every time i turn on the car the AC is in the back will turn on and will never allow me to turn it off. its always set at 21 degree Celsius and i tried to change it or turn it off from the back nothing happens and also from front panel same, when i try try the change the fan speed i get this message "Vehicle Controller error. the setting cannot be applied. Please try again later" its been 3 weeks that im trying and its not working.
did anyone face similar issue, were you/KIA able to fix it? i booked a service appointment this week hopefully they can fix it.




Staff Member
Huntington Park, California, USA
Hi, I recently bought a used 2020 S and have the same issue. I had it into the dealership the other week and while this is a known issue to Kia (there is a service bulletin stating the fix) Kia not cover it as I am the 2nd owner and it is out of warranty. I was told the fix is there is a wiring harness which needs to be replaced with an one - the cost for the part is ~$15...the cost of the repair is ~$300. So I'm assuming given the labor that it's not an easy fix or is easily accessed. I have not been able to find any more details on the specific wiring harness or how to fix the issue myself.
Your Issue may be different than a @Jadonassif check this Kia Global Information System - TSB (nhtsa.gov)